Saturday, October 30, 2010

Modif SATRIA FU-150.

Modif SATRIA FU-150
ya bro notes about satrianya knight
* Yg titanium racing exhaust NOB1
* Use the power booster APS Motomax
* Platinum NGK Spark plugs pake
* Use custom pools spakbor
* Handle adjustable brake broze color Yoshimura
* Fin side netting mosquito dimodif pake yg stainless steel.
* Gasoline his gw pake shell that Super Extra (abis he said cheaper than pertamax n pertamax plus) hehe ...
Fair efficient motor nih gw .. can be 1 liter = 35-40 km (depending ngegasnya) ..
now for the mo bro sends his regards to please roberts

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